HKL and the environment

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HKL is a positive environmental operator. Respecting the environment is one of the basic premises of HKL’s operations.

  • We are committed to combating climate change.
  • We follow the climate strategy of the metropolitan area, which aims to reduce traffic greenhouse gas emissions by at least 20% by 2030.
  • We systematically monitor the environmental impacts of our operations and develop environmentally friendly best practices.
  • We are committed to improving energy-efficiency in metro and tram traffic operations as well as in our premises.
  • We develop energy-efficient operating methods.

Factors that affect the energy consumption of traffic operations include the efficiency of routes, the technology used in metro trains and trams, and the driver’s driving techniques. We train our drivers in economical driving.

  • We exclusively use renewable electricity.

Our trams and metro trains exclusively use Nordic renewable energy. Half of this energy is produced by hydropower, while the other half is produced by wind power. These energy production methods do not generate any carbon dioxide emissions.

We have been using Nordic renewable electricity since 2012, provided and certified by Helsingin Energia.

We hold a central role in the production of sustainable urban transport. The development of public transport in Helsinki is based on the aim of increasing rail traffic over the coming years and decades.

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HKL and the environment

Electricity consumption

HKL closely monitors its electricity consumption with the aim of decreasing consumption and achieving optimal energy-efficiency in both transport operations and construction efforts.

Electricity consumption of transport services 2012-2013

Total consumption Gwh

Tramline traffic 30,1 29,9
Metro traffic 45,8 44,8

Consumption kWh/ passenger kilometre

Tramline traffic 0,24 0,24
Metro traffic 0,11 0,11

Energy consumption of premises 2013 (electricity and heating) GWh

Metro stations 27,8
Depots 27,3
Other premises 3,1
Total 58,2
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